Our materials products, for subsequent transformation (moulding etc.), are ARPRO/P-BLOCK™, STYRODIA® and FOAMCORE™.

ARPRO is an impact energy management material, manufactured worldwide that provides a unique combination of material properties, making it ideal for use in a wide range of product applications. As a high performance engineering material, ARPRO provides a range of performance benefits for both manufacturer and end user, including; energy absorption with structural strength but very low weight, chemical resistance, thermal, acoustical and sound insulation. ARPRO is recyclable. Typical uses are; safety components for automotive applications, multi-use transport packaging (dunnage), HVAC housings and many more. For product specific information please visit

STYRODIA®  has exceptional insulation efficiency and shock absorption characteristics.  It has a wide range of applications including packaging for consumer electronics, hot and cold food containers, construction insulation and use within other civil engineering materials.

FOAMCORE™ combines the expansion and blow moulding process simultaneously into a single process tool, which enables superiority in terms of weight, strength, thermal insulation and recyclability. FOAMCORE™ consists of a solid outer layer and an expanded core and widens the scope for mono-material components.  It has applications in prefabricated bathrooms and automotive components.

ARGILIX is a thermoplastic elastomer bead foam. It exhibits softness and excellent recovery and resilience properties that cannot be obtained with conventional bead method products. It is expected to be used in a wide range of applications, including sporting goods, toys, playground equipment and bedding.